Empowering Business with SAP Build – An Overview

In today\’s fast-paced business world, organizations are constantly seeking innovative ways to streamline their operations, enhance productivity, and meet the ever-growing demands of customers. SAP Build, a robust suite of products, offers a comprehensive solution to address these challenges. In this blog, we\’ll delve into the various components of SAP Build and explore how they can empower businesses to achieve their goals, overcome pain points, and create lasting value.

SAP Build: Transforming Enterprise Applications with Low-Code Capabilities

SAP Build Apps (AppGyver): At the heart of SAP Build lies AppGyver, a powerful tool that enables the creation and enhancement of enterprise applications. With its low-code/no-code platform capabilities, businesses can rapidly develop applications tailored to their specific needs, all while minimizing reliance on traditional development methods.

Designing Seamless Business Sites and Workspaces with SAP Build Workzone

SAP Build Workzone: Workzone is designed to facilitate the creation of business sites and workspaces. These spaces empower enterprise users to manage their daily work efficiently by providing seamless interactions with applications and processes. Additionally, Workzone fosters collaboration among internal and external stakeholders, further enhancing productivity.

No-Code AI-Powered Process Automation

SAP Build Process Automation: This component combines the robust capabilities of SAP Workflow Management and SAP Intelligent RPA within an easy-to-use, no-code AI-powered experience. It\’s a game-changer, increasing an organization\’s capacity to drive process automation. Business experts can now become citizen developers, leveraging no-code power to build, adapt, and innovate business processes with minimal IT assistance.

Mobilizing Assets with SAP Mobile Start

SAP Mobile Start: Mobilizing assets is crucial in today\’s dynamic business environment. With SAP Mobile Start, organizations can add inbox and notifications to process workflow items, ensuring that critical tasks and communications are accessible on the go.

Addressing Key Business Goals

Real-Time Self-Service Access: SAP Build aims to enable real-time self-service access to the business, providing context and ensuring a secure, governed trail of data. This not only enhances customer service but also simplifies access to crucial information for employees.

Scaling Innovation: By fostering collaboration between fusion teams, SAP Build helps improve professional developer productivity. Shared project environments, prebuilt integrations to business data, and simplified development environments empower businesses to scale innovation.

Eliminating Manual Tasks: Labor-intensive and manual processes are a common pain point. SAP Build\’s automation capabilities work to eliminate these tasks, increasing efficiency and reducing human error.

Unleashing Innovation: Reacting quickly to market demands and opportunities is essential. SAP Build empowers business experts to build the apps they need securely and in a timely manner, all while maintaining IT governance.

Simplifying for Employees: SAP Build provides real-time insights and customer 360 views at employees\’ fingertips, simplifying their tasks and enhancing their efficiency.

Tackling Business Pain Points Head-On

Customer Query Handling: Difficulty in answering customer queries and requests can lead to dissatisfied customers. SAP Build\’s solutions address this challenge.

Disconnected Departments: Disconnected departments and limited access to the business network can hinder responsiveness. SAP Build fosters alignment, information flow, and collaboration, saving time and resources.

Labor-Intensive Processes: Labor-intensive processes are often the result of outdated technology and manual processes. SAP Build\’s automation capabilities alleviate this pain point.

Low Productivity: Inefficient business processes and siloed organizations can lead to low productivity. SAP Build streamlines processes and promotes collaboration.

Lack of Unified Data: The lack of unified customer data, fragmented applications, and disconnected processes make marketing and selling challenging. SAP Build addresses these issues.

SAP Build\’s Core Offerings

SAP Build enables organizations to model, execute, and monitor automated process flows. It empowers citizen developers and line-of-business experts to build intuitive forms and processing start and task UIs, improving user productivity across devices.

Efficient Issue Resolution: Multichannel customer engagement ensures efficient issue resolution across all communication channels.

Accelerated Development: SAP Build\’s marketplace offers over 500 out-of-the-box UI templates, functions, and prebuilt modules, accelerating development.

Embedded Custom Apps: Custom apps can be seamlessly integrated into SAP Applications UI, enhancing user experience.

Collaboration: SAP Build invites team members with different skills to join a common project development environment, fostering collaboration.

Creating Business Value with SAP Build

Savings in Plant Inspections: SAP Build can lead to significant time savings in plant inspections.

Faster Time to Market: Businesses can achieve a faster time to market due to quicker development.

Integration Cost Reduction: SAP Build can reduce integration costs by up to 50% using SAP Integration Suite.

Efficient Data Entry: Data entry for job requisition can become 10 times faster.

Enhanced Finance Management: Finance costs can be reduced, improving overall financial management.

Supply Chain Efficiency: Supply chain FTE productivity can be significantly improved.

Employee Engagement: Employees become more engaged with the tools provided by SAP Build.

Process Efficiency: Process efficiency can improve by atleast 15%.

Transforming Business with SAP Build

In the current competitive business landscape, agility, efficiency, and innovation are paramount. SAP Build offers a comprehensive solution that addresses business goals, eliminates pain points, and delivers tangible value. By enabling rapid development, fostering collaboration, and automating processes, SAP Build empowers organizations to meet the demands of the modern world and stay ahead of the curve. With SAP Build, businesses can embark on a transformative journey towards a more efficient and agile future.

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