SAP Solutions for
Consumer Products Industry
Intelligent, single cloud ERP software, just for your
Consumer Products Enterprise
SAP solutions for Consumer Products Industry, lets you digitize and build great brands with your consumers by ensuring your products are on top of their mind, and the delivered outcomes are well understood and tailored to their needs. With our client-centric approach at Keyush, you can prepare to embark on a digital journey by bringing your entire business on single cloud suite, and grow it your way, without having to worry about costs and complexities

A comprehensive SAP solution built to enable the intelligent enterprise in the consumer product industry. Unravel new business value with Intelligent Technology in the digital Consumer Products Industry, with SAP solutions. With this solution, consumer products companies can work with greater speed, agility, and defence to outsmart competitors. You can optimise experiences to process data and leverage that data to be receptive to the demands of customers thus transforming relationships with them.

Keyush helps bridge the digital gap faced by the consumer products industry in today’s hypercompetitive environment. The industry is in the midst of vast changes, with traditional assumptions, models and metrics transforming to empower new growth opportunities. We can help accelerate growth in existing portfolios of our customers, and in addition help to develop new capabilities to drive consumer engagement. We can support you with our domain expertise in enabling digital transformation.

  • Faster Go to market
  • Maintained margins & reduced supply risk
  • Value Chain optimization
  • Supply -demand plans for compliance & safety
  • Customer loyalty which drives growth
  • FDA, GmP and 21 CFR Part 11 compliance
  • Traceability
  • Advanced analytics to meet customer expectations
SAP solution for the consumer products industry lets you stand apart with modern ERP system that utilises artificial intelligence to transform your business processes .With the power of SAP S4/HANA cloud, consumer products companies can transform into intelligent enterprises through integrated business applications that make use of advanced technologies and can be extended on SAP Cloud Platform.

Some interesting facts as recorded in SAP S/4 HANA whitepaper

  • Greater than 10% increase in customer satisfaction has been observed
  • Greater than 25% reduction has been observed in inventory levels.
  • Greater than 10% increase has been observed in on-time delivery.
The functions SAP supports in CONSUMER PRODUCTS industry
Join hands with Keyush to get the most out of your SAP investment. SAP Consumer Products Industrial solution helps to manage your consumer products business enterprise-wide. SAP empowers consumer products companies to offer personal, appropriate, and simple shopping experiences where the power of technology is hidden, commerce is smooth and flawless with utmost priority given to privacy, security, and trust.

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