SAP solutions for Engineering, Constructions and Operations Industry
Intelligent, single cloud ERP software, custom built for Engineering, Construction and Operations Industry
SAP solutions for Engineering, Constructions and Operations Industry, lets you digitize, help drive innovation for connected construction, translate offers into rewarding contracts and make cost-effective on-time project deliveries. With our client-centric approach at Keyush, you can prepare to embark on a digital transformation journey in the construction economy by bringing your entire business on a single cloud suite, and grow it your way, without having to worry about costs and complexities.

A comprehensive SAP solution built to enable the intelligent enterprise in the engineering construction and operations industry. Grow into an intelligent EC&O (Engineering, Constructions and Operations) enterprise with SAP solutions. These intelligent solutions help to connect the supply chain to engineering, construction, and operations. They also enable in delivering high-quality projects, with reduction in labour costs and advancements in margins, thus providing a perfect experience for people across the entire value chain. 

Keyush helps bridge the digital gap faced by the EC&O industry in today’s competitive digital economy where the industry is under pressure to build more sustainable and enduring communities. We embrace technology to create a sustainable world in the construction economy by digitally connecting your supply chains. The industry is undergoing changes and construction companies need to rethink their design and adopt more efficient and sustainable methods of constructions. We can support you with our expertise in enabling digital transformation with increased automation in prefabrication, efficient use of 3D printers, augmented reality, and machine learning. The Internet of Things technologies, will empower the supply chains and construction operations to be fully transparent and managed large-scale.

  • Faster Go-To Market
  • Maintained margins & reduced supply risk
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Improved demand forecast collaboration
    with partners
  • FCustomer loyalty which drives growth
  • FDA, GmP and 21 CFR Part 11 compliance
Capabilities of SAP solutions for EC&O industry

SAP solution for the Engineering, Constructions and Operations Industry comes with modern ERP system that uses artificial intelligence to transform your business and provides software tailored to your needs. These solutions take care of everything from job costing and bidding to project management and HR thus forming a strong base for growth. Streamline your real estate management processes and tackle critical projects with ease utilizing the power of SAP Real Estate Management and SAP Commercial Project Management.

Some interesting facts as per SAP Benchmarking Report
  • There is 37% extra return on assets where there are standardized asset management processes
  • There is 41% extra return on investment when the portfolio is jointly handled by IT and business
The functions SAP supports in EC&O industry
Join hands with Keyush to get the most out of your SAP investment. The SAP EC&O industry software can enable EC&O companies to make advancements in project schedule performance with intelligent, connected supply chains. The automated processes enhance the quality and bring reduction in labour costs. The SAP solution for Engineering, Constructions and Operations Industry supports various integrated processes & departments –

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