SAP Solutions for
Life Sciences Industry
Intelligent, single cloud ERP software, just for your Life Sciences Enterprise

SAP solutions for Life Sciences Industry, lets you digitize, accelerate and enrich lives with a digital health sciences network. Fabricate, produce and deliver new therapies around the world faster- with SAP solutions for the life sciences and pharmaceutical industry. With our client-centric approach at Keyush, you can prepare to embark on a digital journey by bringing your entire business on single cloud suite, and grow it your way, without worrying about complexities and costs.

About LIFE SCIENCES industry

SAP Solutions for Life Sciences come with powerful integration capabilities that aid the evolution of the digital health sciences network. Utilizing the power of technology with AI, big data and robotics etc, the solution helps to improve patient’s outcomes with a collaborative digital health sciences network, in turn shaping the world to function better with quality care.

  • Faster Go to market
  • Maintained margins & reduced supply risk
  • Supply -demand plans for compliance & safety Operational excellence
  • Customer loyalty which drives growth
  • FDA, GmP and 21 CFR Part 11 compliance 
  • Traceability
Capabilities of SAP solutions for LIFE SCIENCES industry
SAP solution for the life sciences and pharmaceutical industry lets you invent, develop, and distribute new therapies faster. The scaled deployment of customized patient solutions facilitates to generate more flexible, alert, and transparent supply and logistic networks that can tackle the challenging consumer demands.

Some interesting facts 

  • About 50% improvement is observed in efficiency through automated real-time collaboration with suppliers (SAP Benchmarking)
  • About 89% of CEOs of pharmaceuticals and life sciences identified that technological enhancements are transforming their business (PwC)
  • About 79% of CEOs of life sciences and pharmaceuticals believe that over-regulation could side-track growth projections(PwC)
The functions SAP supports in LIFE SCIENCES industry
Join hands with Keyush to get the most out of your SAP investment. SAP Life Sciences Industrial solutions brings your entire enterprise on an intelligent platform. Discover wide-ranging solutions for all business processes across all industries to find the solutions you require to create a connected business across HR, Finance, Analytics, Application Development and Integration, Database and Data Management.

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