Life Sciences

KCL has many years of experience working with clients in the life sciences sector. That’s why we understand only too well why companies in this sector want more than just an IT expert to provide ERP software solutions. You also want to partner with a company that has an in-depth understanding of life sciences.

KCL brings that intuitive, firsthand knowledge needed. We understand the issues confronting companies in the dynamic life sciences sector. This includes the typically lengthy research process, costly decisions, long sourcing and contracting cycles, poor demand forecasting, risk of manufacturing noncompliance, and inconsistent channel interactions.

The right SAP solution, combined with the appropriate SAP provider, can mean the difference between an effective, cohesive organization that maximizes profits, to one that loses market share due to internal inefficiencies. In particular, KCL can help your company with the following:

Bring new drugs and medical devices to market at an accelerated pace. SAP

technology will help drive personalized medicine, research and development, and collaboration and product development. It will also refine your ability to analyze data and improve overall patient outcomes.

Strengthen your competitiveness by better aligning internal and external manufacturing. This will improve efficiency, reduce risks, simplify sourcing and procurement, and balance demand and supply. SAP technology can ensure compliance across all business functions.

Improve customer loyalty and boost market share in the process. Do your communication strategies highlight key benefits? Are your customers well informed? By consistently demonstrating product and service differentiators to caregivers, patients and payers, you can earn more of their business in the long term.