Professional Services

Professional services are becoming an integral part of our day to day life. Since the industry varies from household maintenance to construction services to IT and Business process outsourcing, the service industry has drastically changed over the last 15 years. Customers are demanding more flexibilities and cost-effective services from their service provider of any industry since, in turn, their customers are expecting the same.

Depends on the service industries, but there are common challenges across:

  • Detail cost analysis for the project and services provided
  • Time and Management for labors/employees
  • Multiple screens and transactions are needed to create and maintain project data.
  • Disconnected progress report
  • Disconnected department
  • No real-time visibilities of project and services
  • Real-time and immediate access to financial data to make the efficient decision on time
  • Digital supply chain
  • Staffing and subcontracting are separated from the project

SAP solutions are uniquely positioned to overcome the above challenges. To execute on these strategic priorities and achieve the vision, companies need to change the way they operate.

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