Wholesale Distribution

At KCL, we understand the complexities and intricacies of the wholesale distribution channel, whether it’s keeping up with dynamic customer and market changes, differentiating your product offerings, or strengthening your supplier relationships.

Not only do we have the specialized SAP software knowledge that is needed, but we have experience addressing industry-specific pain points that you regularly face as a distributor. By carefully analyzing your company’s operation, we can deliver a customized SAP software solution that will handle your every challenge and improve your company’s overall efficiency and productivity.

The right SAP software solution can help your company:

SAP technology can help you manage your customer relations, choose the right product and service offering, and grow your business over the long term. Single customer views, online sales and service, improved collaboration and smart performance management – all this and more will result in bigger profit margins for your business.

Recovering vendor costs is no easy task and often fails to recover all that is due. Have you evaluated if you have the right cost-to-serve balance? SAP software can improve your cost recovery and reduce the cost of goods sold. Through automated rebates and chargebacks, you can eliminate vendor cost-recovery errors and disputes and level out your cost-to-serve ratio.

Whether it’s business planning and sourcing, storing and selling processes, or managing inventories and suppliers, there’s a lot to keep track of in your business. By empowering sales associates, increasing automation and improving forecasting and planning, you can improve efficiency, boost productivity, and create the optimal product mix for your customer base.