Run more efficiently,

Delight your customers,

Create new opportunities for growth

The world of manufacturing is not for the lighthearted and weak-willed!

Things are moving all the time, with pressures coming from throughout the organization

Customers with increasing demand

You need to increase productivity while producing more individualized offerings with the highest quality

Suppliers With Changing Pricing and Availabilities

A lack of visibility and agility are barriers to sending, predicting and responding to disruptions

Employees want to produce without being hindered

Repetitive tasks and breaks in the process waste time and frustrate workers.

StakeHolders Want More for Less

There is constant pressure to bring more revenues to the company while decreasing costs

Global competition in an ever-shrinking world and cost pressures are forcing companies to continually optimize to stay profitable

How Technology Can Help

With technology advances continuing to increase interconnectivity and automation, manufacturers are taking advantage .More specifically technologies such as industrial internet of things, cloud computing, and AI are helping companies to improve operational efficiency How? By fully digitizing the industrial environment – connecting the shop floor with the supply chain and the back office, through integrated systems, processes and data.In other words, rather than having all of these areas work in silos, each of these areas will create and share data among each other so that better more intelligent products, factories, logistics can be developed, with people being able to focus on those tasks that count.

Put another way:

• The entire factory and back office is fully digitalized and integrated

• With Autonomous Machines That Are Connected To Each Other And To Business Systems, Data In Real Time From Machines, Vehicles And People Is Collected Processed And Shared

• This data is enriched and analyzed, both by humans and by AI, and when combined with business data, it creates opportunities to create meaningful information across the entire business – sales, services, engineering, manufacturing, logistics, etc

The Intelligent Factory

Autonomous Machines are Connected to Each Other

The Data is Enriched and Analysed and Combined with Business Data

Meaningful Information is created for use by entire business

How To apply Intelligence In All Areas Of Your Organization

Intelligent Factories

Uses real-time data and AI to run as autonomously and as flexibly as possible.

Intelligent assets

Machines and equipment, linked to every process, and generate data about their performance and status

Intelligent products

Solutions as a service, where you sell the output of the products you supplyService packages where you sell advice on the best way to use the products you supplyFormulations derived from machine learning

Empowered people

Streamlined processes and transparency so that your employees can  work without hindrances and focus more on value-adding activities

Why trust Keyush Consulting in your Transformation to an Intelligent Manufacturing company?

We Know Manufacturing and

We Know SAP

For over 25 years, we’ve been helping mid-market enterprises their unique needs.We live and breathe the realities of the manufacturing industry and can address the needs of each stage in the value chain, from design to production to delivery, as well as sales, support, and back office processes.

  • Guaranteed Fix Price No Surprises
  • We Will Get You Up and Running Quickly & Easily
  • We train you on SAP’s Best Practices
  • We create tailored customisation
  • Design to Training to Support

Stop losing precious time with outdated processes and disjointed systems!

By choosing SAP, you are choosing a single solution that can help transform your company into one that is more efficient, transparent, competitive, and responsive to choosing Keyush Consulting, you are selecting a team of qualified IT experts of the highest order, who will apply a solution that best fits your needs and business demands.

We helped one of the busiest manufacturers in North America with use of SAP to Boost Revenue by USD 250,000,000 per year

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