Offshore Services

Did you know that one of the most frequently reported problems in ERP projects is a cost overrun? In fact, according to research conducted by Panorama Consulting Solutions, of 172 respondents surveyed in 2012 and 2013, over 50% of ERP projects went over budget.

KCL knows all-too-well the tendency for ERP projects to spiral out of control, often resulting in greater than anticipated costs. So we created a solution…

The KCL Offshore Office
With the launch of our company in 2008, KCL opened the doors to its local Toronto-based office and its overseas India-based office. Over the years, we’ve come to realize that there are certain ERP based tasks best suited to our Toronto team and others that make more sense to execute overseas. The end result is a flexible, adaptable and hybrid approach to ERP implementation and management.

Internal, Dedicated Team
Our India office is comprised of several IT experts, all of who specialize in a specific area of ERP software deployment. The team is employed by KCL – not outsourced or hired on contract. This translates into cohesive, well-managed services that are professional and cost-competitive.

SAP Support, Development, Training & Testing
Maintenance is a key component of successful ERP implementations. We do much more than provide you with a solution – we help you use that solution to simplify and improve your daily business operations. We find that when it comes to regular and ongoing support, development, training and testing, our offshore team offers the quality of service you’re looking for at a price you can afford over the long term.

SAP Enhancements and Upgrades
By working with a company that supports you through all of your SAP initiatives and ongoing maintenance, you’re one step ahead of the game when it comes time for system upgrades or enhancements. The KCL offshore team works closely with your organization every day. The experts dedicated to your company already have an intimate understanding of your current SAP landscape, which gives them the ability to make useful recommendations and help you solve new problems as they arise.