Optimization and Consulting Services

Optimization and Consulting Services:
Complete Experience of your SAP Journey
Achieve Full Potential of Your SAP Projects
At Keyush, we understand that successful SAP implementation goes beyond just technical expertise. It requires meticulous planning, seamless coordination, and effective project management. This is where our dedicated Project Management Services come into action.
Why Choose Keyush to Optimize and Consult?
Our seasoned project managers are well-versed in the intricacies of SAP solutions. With years of experience in SAP consulting, they bring a deep understanding of the SAP ecosystem to ensure your projects align with industry best practices.
We recognize that each SAP project is unique. Our project managers work closely with your team to develop customized project plans that address your specific business needs, ensuring a smooth and efficient implementation process.
Anticipating and mitigating risks is crucial in the world of ERP. Our project managers employ proactive risk management strategies to identify potential challenges early on, allowing for timely adjustments and minimizing disruptions to your project timeline.
Effective project management relies on clear and transparent communication as its fundamental cornerstone. Our team ensures that stakeholders are informed at every stage of the project, fostering collaboration and understanding.
We acknowledge the significance of timely project delivery and staying within budget constraints. Our project management services are designed to keep your SAP initiatives on track, ensuring timely delivery without compromising quality.
Our Project Management Approach for SAP Implementation
Discover Phase
  • Realize the need for a solution and finalize SAP alignment with requirements.
  • Leverage consulting expertise for informed decisions.
Prepare Phase
  • Complete crucial activities, including system provisioning and project planning.
  • Identify resources and lay the foundation for implementation.
Explore Phase
  • Collaborate on finalizing business processes with the team.
  • Conduct “Fit-to-Standard Analysis” and use SAP Activate’s migration templates.
Realize Phase
  • Configure SAP system, work in iterative sprints, and engage in thorough testing.
  • Ensure seamless execution and completion of Backlog document.
Deploy Phase
  • Experience temporary downtime during SAP system deployment.
  • Execute cutover plan over the weekend, supported by our team.
Run Phase
  • Enter the final phase with continuous learning for the customer project team.
  • Stay updated on the latest innovations and technologies.
Project Management Lifecycle
  • Initiation: Understand business goals, requirements, and expectations.
  • Planning: Develop a comprehensive project plan tailored to unique needs.
  • Execution: Implement SAP solution as per the agreed-upon plan.
  • Monitoring & Controlling: Regularly assess project progress and improvise as needed.
  • Closure: Ensure a smooth transition and provide ongoing support as required.
Partner with Us for SAP Success
At Keyush we go beyond traditional ERP consulting. Our Project Management Services will guide and lead your SAP implementation that aligns seamlessly with your business objectives.
Are you poised to elevate your SAP projects to new levels of proficiency?
Contact us today to discuss how our Project Management Services can drive your business forward!
Why Choose Us as Your SAP Partner?
Keyush has specialized in delivering tailored SAP solutions for over 23 years, we prioritize the success of our clients by adopting and implementing SAP Best Practices. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our ability to customize solutions that seamlessly integrate with your unique application environment, ensuring the realization of your desired outcomes. What truly sets Keyush apart is our dedication to client needs. Beyond the implementation phase, our clients benefit from our flexible and personalized support services, providing a reliable safety net for their IT landscape. When choosing Keyush, you’re selecting a partner that goes beyond conventional service, offering innovative and strategic solutions to propel your business forward. With Keyush, your organization gains a trusted ally in navigating the dynamic world of SAP and ERP solutions.
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