SAP is the World’s Largest Provider of Enterprise Application Software. SAP is a market leader in Enterprise resource planning (ERP), analytics, supply chain management, human capital management as well as experience management and customer experience. It is the top cloud vendor having the largest cloud portfolio. It boasts a Cloud user base of about 221m users, and 66 datacentres in 33 locations across 15countries. About 80% of SAP’s customers are SME. SAP customers include 98% of the 100 most valued brands. It is a recognized database leader with a broadest portfolio of modular and suite solutions available on premise, in the cloud and hybrid.

We at Keyush are SAP SILVER Partners and together we are committed to supporting our customers become best-run businesses. Best-run businesses are intelligent enterprises with cutting-edge technologies and best practices within alert, integrated business processes, thus becoming more resilient, flourishing, and sustainable. At Keyush, we share our expertise for growing companies across many industry verticals with SAP solutions and services. As an experienced IT solutions provider, regardless of your company size or industry, Keyush can help you select the right ERP product and SAP solution that best fits your company’s unique needs. 

With offices in Canada, the US, and India, Keyush is perfectly positioned to deliver a range of cost-effective solutions. Having a strong foundation with our in-house experts, we at Keyush ensure quality service. With our client-centric approach, it’s all about You. Our 5-step process method comprises – Analysis and Evaluation, Strategy, Agreement, Implementation, and Ongoing Engagement. This allows us to understand and highlight your exact needs so we could work together for the most efficient solution. Your business is unique and by using SAP Cloud Platform, these solutions work together with your existing systems extending the value of your investments.