Project Management

One of the most common mistakes companies make during ERP implementation is underestimating the time and resources needed. Whether deploying a new software solution for the first time or performing a system upgrade, ERP projects tend to be demanding and complex. KCL is able to control these demands and complexities through its client-focused project management.

No one knows your business better than you do. A successful ERP implementation solves problems, simplifies your operations and works within the context of your organization. KCL’s project managers know how to focus on your specific needs, goals and expectations while executing your ERP project.

A good project manager knows how to work collaboratively with a diverse group of people. Whether motivating people or ensuring that all aspects of the implementation are performed correctly, KCL’s project managers are on point and integrally involved every step of the way.

Costs often escalate as a result of poor planning, misunderstandings and disorganization. When you have a skilled project manager on the job, these common mistakes are easily avoided. Through careful, diligent management, KCL ensures everything moves along as expected and expenditures are allocated properly.

When the implementation is complete and your ERP solution is in place, does it work the way you expected? Have all your problems been solved? Is your operation more efficient? KCL project managers work closely with you and your company in an open, honest and transparent way to ensure you achieve the expected results.

KCL follows SAP ASAP Focus methodology, designed specifically for the implementation of SAP Best Practices. These are proven methods and tools that have been developed from years of experience with thousands of customers. They support the essential business processes critical to the deployment of mySAP Business Suite. They also allow your organization to easily incorporate additional requirements integral to your day-to-day operations. SAP ASAP Focus methodology ensures the safe, predictable and affordable implementation of SAP solutions.

A SAP solution implemented with the SAP ASAP Focus methodology offers:

  • A road map to implement a predefined business solution in the shortest time possible
  • Predefined and pretested processes for specific business activities, supported with data conversion tools that allow the project team to validate the solution with your data
  • Ready-made documentation covering business processes
  • Configuration that allows the project team to focus on preparing your organization
  • Predefined reports, print forms, authorization roles and test scenarios that ensure cost-effective implementation
  • An approach that allows you to accomplish certain tasks before the SAP project team arrives on-site to reduce costs even further

This implementation approach gets your solution up and running with minimal risk and disruption. This leaves you 100% ready to deploy additional business processes to further increase your competitiveness.