SAP Staff Augmentation

An ERP software implementation is one of the biggest projects your organization will undertake. From the moment you make the decision to implement an ERP solution, you need the right people on the job. We’ve seen it many times before: companies dive into a project without first understanding all the complexities and planning accordingly.

Why does this happen? Because you don’t have the right partner. Your organization may be stacked with experts and you’re successful because you’ve spent years building and managing the perfect team. Yet it doesn’t mean they are the right people for ERP implementations. Here’s where KCL comes into play.

You can have the best ERP software solution and the perfect plan, but without a solid team from the get-go, it may all go to waste. ERP implementations are notorious for their critical details and intricacies. They require the work of experts, but more so, they require people who have been carefully selected and vetted according to the specifics of the job

At KCL, before we allocate a team to your company, we conduct a thorough interview. We learn about your business, plan the ERP implementation, uncover key details and identify all requirements, both large and small. From there, we carefully and strategically select KCL professionals and assign them to the right positions. This process ensures that you not only have a good ERP team, but one in which every person is perfectly suited to their role based on their knowledge, skills and experience.