SAP Implementation Services: What, Why, And How

SAP has a range of application software targeting several industries and addressing different functions within an organization. 85% of small and midsize businesses run their business operations smoothly through SAP ERP software. 

The term ERP was coined by the Gartner Group in 1990, but data tells us manufacturing companies started using enterprise resource planning systems in the 1960s. With limited capabilities, it helped manufacturers manage, track, and control their inventory. 

Since then enterprise resource planning software has evolved creating a sophisticated ecosystem for businesses.  

What is ERP Implementation Services? 

Once you evaluate different ERP systems, you need to define a strategy to implement the software. You clearly define the process you are going to follow, people i.e. the team members involved in the implementation and end users post-implementation, technology – software you have chosen, data (historical data)  that is critical to make decisions, and lastly the process to implement the solution. Industry best practices are always recommended to make it a successful implementation.  In layman\’s language, SAP implementation outlines the process of implementing SAP software. In this endeavor, implementation experts collaborate with the business to understand their needs, demonstrate the solution, define the solution and implement the business solutions. 

Why do companies need SAP Implementation Services? 

ERP implementation or any SAP implementation project is complex. Business requirements, government regulations, and business modus of Operandi are unique so it\’s not the case of one size fits all. Any SAP implementation demands the technical, as well as the functional, know-how to make the implementation right the first time. Having said that, SAP Certified Resources have the niche skillsets required for these implementation projects. The cost of hiring these resources with niche skill sets can be costly. If for example, a manufacturing company plans to implement an SAP solution it wouldn’t be great for it to hire these resources on their payroll for one project. Here, selecting the right SAP implementation partner to implement solutions for your enterprise can be a good decision. This will not only help you to save cost but also if you need post-go-live ongoing support an SAP implementation partner provide with you 24/7 support. Check out our 24/7 flexible support model here. 

How to select the right SAP Implementation Service provider?

When it comes to SAP implementation, selecting the right partner is crucial for the project\’s success. Once you decide on the solution and you are in the market to look for a partner you can either use the SAP Partner Finder tool or you may go through third-party consultants who can assist you in selecting the partner.

But along with that here few pointers to consider while you select the partner:

Experience – Number of implementations,

Industry experience, Customer Testimonials, Referrals

Cost & Flexibility

Implementation Methodology

While evaluating a implementation partner, think of these pointers and ask the partner to furnish these details which will give you a fair idea about their strengths and weakness. It will not only simplify the process of evaluation but also make sure you make the decision right.

About Keyush: Keyush is a trusted SAP Partner backed by strong leadership experienced in implementing and managing SAP Solutions from mid-sized to Fortune 1000 companies across the globe since 1997. Leveraging SAP best practices and industry experience, we understand our client’s unique business needs which enable us to deliver the right solutions to embark on their digital enterprise journey.