Implement IoT applications, that gives insights and boost your business
Attain your success as an intelligent organization with SAP IoT services that enable customers and partners to develop, customize, and operate IoT business applications in the cloud. Keyush offers IoT Technologies and integrates them with SAP ERPs both on-premise or on- Cloud, allowing enterprises to digitize their processes, minimize contact and extend the efficiency of remote management. With our client-centric approach at Keyush, grow your business your way by bringing your entire business on a single cloud suite.
Comprehensive SAP IoT SERVICES to enable the intelligent enterprises
Keyush helps bridge the digital gap faced by small and mid-sized organizations in today’s competitive digital economy where there is constant pressure to build more sustainable and enduring businesses. With our expertise in SAP IoT services, we embrace technology to let you re-think your business model and revenue streams, thus provide new benefits to your customers with intelligent IoT services, while keeping the core processes stable.

Businesses today are embracing IoT technologies to become an Intelligent Enterprise, and acquire accurate intelligence on how to enhance or automate processes by collecting and analysing detailed data from sensors that continuously monitor in real-time. Thus, it helps to improve their ROI with increased revenue, better operational efficiencies, and greater customer satisfaction.
Benefits of SAP IoT Services
  • Quick IoT application development
  • Location-based services
  • IoT-enriched analytics
  • Insight-driven business process integration
  • On-Premise or On-Cloud. 
  • Monitoring factory equipment
  • Leveraging sensors to track and warn of unsafe environmental conditions
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