Optimize resources.
Achieve faster go-to-market
Achieve your success as an intelligent organization with SAP Project Management Services that manage the full project lifecycle from a centralised source. With our client-centric SAP Project Management Services at Keyush, we offer flexible support for your Enterprise Portfolio and Project Management (EPPM) processes to let you experience seamless integration of financial and logistical information. Grow your business your way by bringing your entire business on a single cloud suite without having to worry of complexities and costs.
Comprehensive SAP PROJECT MANAGEMENT SERVICES  to enable the intelligent enterpriseS
Keyush assists in bridging the digital gap confronted by small and mid-sized organizations in today’s competitive digital economy, especially with the complexities involved in ERP projects. We embrace technology to help you develop new products and services profitably by optimising resources and speeding time to market.

SAP Portfolio and Project Management Services come with powerful capabilities and beneficial features. With our expertise at Keyush can support you throughout the project life cycle. Our services let you gain real-time insights into the tracking the progress of your project, and cost performance across locations with one central project repository. You can confidently manage projects, tasks, and timelines and identify critical issues. These services let you optimise resource utilisation by finding the right resources, check availability, and avoid project bottlenecks. They allow to you to prioritize projects based on corporate strategies and business goals with the comprehensive portfolio management and benefit from the seamless integration of the financial and logistical processes.

Project Management Team at Keyush has a well-defined, clear approach in planning and executing ERP projects. Every project follows a tried and true project management methodology.

Keyush follows SAP ASAP Focus methodology, designed specifically for the implementation of SAP Best Practices. These are proven methods and tools that support the essential business processes critical to the deployment of mySAP Business Suite. These allow your organization to easily incorporate additional requirements integral to your day-to-day operations. SAP ASAP Focus methodology ensures secure, predictable and cost-effective implementation of SAP ERP solutions.

Our Project Management Team provides a full range of consulting services related to Project Management and Advisory

  • Strategic planning and portfolio alignment
  • Project planning
  • Project execution and monitoring pre-defined with pretested processes
  • Project performance reporting based on live data
  • Post-Implementation – Operation and AMS Transition Planning
Benefits of SAP Project Management Services 

SAP solutions implemented with the SAP ASAP Focus methodology at Keyush offer a road map to our customers to implement a predefined business solution in the shortest time possible. Be at an advantage with ready-made documentation on business processes, predefined reports, print forms, authorization roles and test scenarios that ensure cost-effective implementation.

  • On-Cloud, On-Premise deployments
  • Quick implementation
  • One central project repository
  • Identification of project anomalies and risks
  • Cost-effective 
  • Customised services
  • Reduction in complexities 
Connect with Keyush for all your SAP projects with cost-effective solutions and exceptional service support”.