SAP implementation methodology guides each company to success.

One of the most common mistakes companies make during ERP implementations is underestimating the time and resources needed from both the client and the implementation partner. Whether you’re deploying a new software solution for the first time or performing a system upgrade, ERP projects tend to be demanding and complex. Through client-focused project management methodologies, we can control these demands and complexities.

Any SAP implementation project thrives on two inversely proportional variables – cost & time and balancing these two factors can be quite challenging. With our rich experience in project management, we assure to increase the efficiency and deliver desired outcomes through optimum utilization of your resources.

During project management, we strongly believe that we need a wholistic view of operational, strategical, and tactical management. We can help you to deliver:

  • SAP global rollouts
  • SAP end-to-end implementations
  • SAP S4Hana Migration
  • SAP Project Audit
Managing the Project through Your Eyes

No one knows your business better than you do. A successful ERP implementation solves problems, simplifies your operations, and works within the context of your organization. Our project managers oversee the execution of your ERP project with a full focus on your needs, goals, and expectations of the finished product.

The People

A good project manager knows how to work collaboratively with everyone else. From motivating people and delegating the right tasks to the right individuals, to checking work and ensuring that all aspects of the implementation are performed correctly, our project managers are integrally involved every step of the way.

The Budget

Costs often escalate as a result of poor planning, misunderstanding, and disorganization. When you have a skilled and knowledgeable project manager on the job, you ensure that these common mistakes are avoided. Through careful and diligent project management, we ensure that the project is moving along as expected, that no unforeseen tasks arise, and that expenditures are allocated properly and within budget.

The Functionality

When the implementation is complete and your ERP solution is in place, does it work the way you expected? Have problems been solved? Is your operation more efficient? Are tasks now simplified? Our project managers work closely with you and your company in an open, honest and transparent way to achieve the results you want.

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