SAP S/4HANA Migration Assessment Services

Create roadmap for SAP S/4HANA migration path that is cost-effective and efficient

Achieve your success as an intelligent organization with SAP S/4HANA Migration Assessment Services to ensure that you choose the best solution for your business needs. With our client-centric services at Keyush, we can provide you with reliable guidance and a seamless experience in our journey with SAP S/4HANA Assessment Services. Grow your business your way by bringing your entire business on a single cloud suite without the anxiety of complexities and costs.
Comprehensive SAP S/4HANA MIGRATION ASSESSMENT SERVICES to enable intelligent enterprises

Most enterprises today are under constant pressure to build more sustainable and enduring businesses. They are often debating on whether to choose to continue the path with SAP ECC 6, to migrate to the next generation of SAP business suite S/4HANA, or take a multi-phased approach of initially migrating their database to HANA and then migrating to a completely new business suite S/4HANA. Are you also facing such challenges in finding answers to questions like:

  • Which S/4HANA deployment option will be best for my business? (On-premise, On-Cloud, or hybrid)

  • How will the overall future landscape and system architecture look like or make sense to my organization?

  • How do I upgrade from an existing SAP product to SAP S/4HANA on-premise or on-cloud?

Choosing the most appropriate option that fits your business needs can be challenging. Keyush assists in bridging the digital gap confronted by small and mid-sized organizations in today’s competitive digital economy. We embrace technology to help create a roadmap for you to reach your business goals. With our in-house experts, get answers to all your queries of what, when, where, and how to start the SAP S/4HANA journey.


SAP S/4HANA Migration Assessment Services at Keyush include powerful toolsets, methods, and a proven approach that covers the entire range of IT business processes, system architecture, user interface, and human interaction. We analyse various factors such as:

  • Current IT landscape and infrastructure

  • Business processes

  • Business requirements with short-term and long-term goals

  • Organizational vision and its alignment across different lines of businesses & divisions

  • Amount of data stored and used in different systems

  • Current IT governance

After a detailed analysis, we create a specific road map plan for:

  • When and how to move to S/4HANA

  • Which deployment option is appropriate (on-premise, cloud, or hybrid)

  • How to build and secure a future system landscape

  • How to implement simplified business processes with minimal risk of disruption to existing operations and services to customers

  • How to maintain and improve the implemented S/4HANA solutions to accommodate ever-changing business demands

We follow a step-by-step method and ensure that it is a cost-effective process. We begin with a hardware analysis to minimize risks and uncover potential roadblocks. A process roadmap is created, taking into consideration any existing system limitations. With efficient planning and process definition, the method ensures that there is a reduction in system downtime during the migration process. Post-migration, we conduct a verification session to check that the OS or database is working as required or if further adjustments are necessary. Using our proven track record with comprehensive SAP S/4HANA Assessment Services, we will guide you throughout the process to ensure that you chose the perfect solution to meet your business requirements.

  • Efficient customised services
  • Reduction in complexities and risks
  • Cost-effective
  • Greater stability
  • Ensure high ERP performance
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