Ariba Snap
An Intelligent, single cloud ERP software to digitalize procure-to-pay transformation
SAP Ariba Snap helps mid-sized and growing companies to improve their cash flow, control, and compliance without added complexity. With its easy-to-deploy, easy-to-administer, and easy-to-adopt buying system, configure your procurement solution with the spend categories that matter. Keyush ensures you control spending and boost your business with a single cloud ERP solution without worrying about complexities and costs. We can help you to get the right foundation to scale and compete.

 A complete cloud solution with Ariba network built to power your business by delivering simple buying, supplying, invoicing all in one place. SAP Ariba Snap is an SAP product suite that provides cloud-based solutions that makes sure you witness an evident improvement in cash flow, control, and compliance without you having to worry about complexities. SAP Ariba snap is a fast and easy way to implement integrated procure-to-pay solutions for midsize companies. It builds a platform for fast-growing businesses to turn their growth potential into real results. This cloud-based ERP solution connects every function across your company to time-tested best practices and in-depth analytics.

Digitalize and automate each step of your buying process by getting complete visibility into company-wide spending through eliminating most of the paper-intensive, manual processes. Role-based dashboards provide you with real-time information, letting you derive actionable insights that help you control the spending and reduce costs.

With SAP Ariba Snap, your procurement solution is pre-configured with the spend categories that matter for your industry, bringing in fast time to value.

  • More efficiency, more savings
  • Easy supplier access and onboarding
  • Improved cash flow management
  • Stronger compliance
  • Better supplier relationships
  • Quick deployment, rapid ROI
Capabilities of ARIBA SNAP
SAP Ariba Snap provides easy to use tools  for your enterprising requirements

Built to improve cash flow, control, and compliance without adding complexities

Contract compliance

Dashboard reporting and analytics

Designed to scale as you grow

E-mail  and Mobile based workflow approval

ERP agnostic

Industry template for category management

Designed to scale as you grow

Packaged and priced to fit your business

Simplified transmission of documents

Verticals ARIBA supports
For your businesses that involve supply and chain disruptions, take advantage of extensive industry-specific functionalities, best practices, and processes with tools designed for small and midsize businesses.
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