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Industrial manufacturers are experiencing an unclear transformation path with high upfront costs, difficulties in securing skilled experts, and long time-to-value. In addition, they are facing challenges with customer-driven change, digitization as the new normal, and globalization and right-shoring. Finally, industrial manufacturers must also reckon with customers acting like the leader by putting solution stack layers together. This can cause confusion with accountability the more parties that are involved.

Industrial Machinery And Components

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As an SAP service provider with more than 25 years of industry expertise, Keyush Consulting has helped industrial machinery and components companies leverage the power of SAP solutions. Adopting and implementing SAP Best Practices, we assure the desired outcomes through customizations that suits your application environment. Collaborating with Keyush, we ensure an implementation cost reduction up to 35% with 24/7 support for your IT landscape. Customers are achieving an average savings of 7% for each construction development project. Customers are achieving a 10% reduction in overall manufacturing costs.

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