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Benefits of Cloud for Enterprise Solutions in a True SaaS Environment

In the past, when enterprises, both big and small, wanted to activate a common system across all of their operational branches and sections, they would have download the concerned system on to their computers, install it on every machine that would be accessing the software, with the main center being a large server, and subsequently …

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ERP Is an Essential Tool for SMEs to Compete in the Digital Economy

You may not realise it, but your company is already on the path of digital transformation. From web-based collaboration software to digital communication platforms that allow ubiquitous access, your business leverages a number of technologies in order to meet its day to day needs. But to thrive in the digital economy …

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How Digital Transformation can Help SME Manufacturing Grow

It would not be inaccurate to claim that digital transformation has had an impact, in some conceivable way, on almost every single person in this day and age. While this is certainly true for individuals, it is doubly true for enterprises of all sizes and scopes. How Digital Transformation has Revamped Business Models In recent …

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