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Manufacturing Industry

In most industries, disruption is occurring on many fronts, and much of that disruption is being caused by technology that is upending long established business models. Consumer products companies are being challenged in several areas. For instance, they are experiencing difficulties with margin management, where consumers are already putting pressure on brands and CP manufacturers. In addition, difficulties with complex supply chains where CP manufacturers must constantly innovate and produce new products, with new or changed inputs, while maintaining visibility and accuracy in inventory control. Finally, CP manufacturers must also reckon with consumer safety by following good manufacturing practices and distribution/handling practices to ensure efficient product recall when necessary.

For consumer products companies that are struggling with margin management, complex supply chains, consumer safety, and brand management, Keyush Consulting’s knowledge for SAP Business ByDesign/ SAP S4Hana solution brings decades of experience in delivering artificial intelligence to transform the work domain. The powerful capability of software with SAP Best Practices, enables companies to efficiently manage business processes with continuous innovation, prompt insights, and create value-based relationships. Our experienced team will implement a solution which allows users to optimize every aspect of their customer’s expectations in a single application. We can support you with rapid and smooth transformation into SAP, letting you focus on key business objectives and provide value-added services for customers. With our global delivery center, we can reduce the implementation cost up to 35% and provide 24/7 support with our cost-effective model. 63% of Consumer Products companies say it is important to engage with consumers through a fluid channel, but only 16% are currently able to do so.

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