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SAP Project Management is Easy with Keyush Consulting
One of the most common mistakes companies make during ERP implementations is underestimating the time and resources needed. Whether you’re deploying a new software solution for the first time or performing a system upgrade, ERP projects tend to be demanding and complex. A project manager should be well experience with the implementation approach that gets your solution up and running with minimal risk and disruption and leaves you 100% ready to deploy additional business processes to further increase your competitiveness. During project management, we strongly believe that we need a wholistic view of operational, strategical, and tactical management. Keyush is able to control these demands and complexities through client-focused project management.

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The People
A good project manager knows how to work collaboratively with everyone else. From motivating people and delegating the right tasks to the right individuals, to checking work and ensuring that all aspects of the implementation are performed correctly, Our project managers are on-point and integrally involved every step of the way.
The Budget and Timeline
Costs and Timeline often escalate as a result of poor planning, misunderstanding and project governance model. When you have aexperienced SAPProject Manager on the job, you ensure that these common mistakes are avoided. Through careful and diligent project management, Keyush ensures that the project is moving along as expected, that no unforeseen tasks arise and that expenditures are allocated properly.
The Functionality
When the implementation is complete and your ERP solution is in place, does it work the way you expected? Have problems been solved? Is your operation more efficient? Are tasks now simplified? Our project managers work closely with you and your Subject Matter Experts in an open, honest and transparent way that ensures you achieve the results you want.
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