Privacy Policy

This privacy policy outlines the procedures for gathering, utilizing, and safeguarding your personal information as you engage with our services.
Information We Collect
We gather a range of information to enhance and deliver our services. This might encompass personal details like names, contact information, and business-related data We obtain this information through our interactions with you and the use of our services.
How We Use Your Information
  • Enhancing Your Experience: We leverage your information to craft a personalized experience within our services. This involves tailoring content and product offerings to align seamlessly with your individual interests and preferences.
  • Continuous Website Improvement: We actively collect data to continuously elevate the functionality and user experience of our website. This ongoing refinement ensures that our platform evolves to better serve and meet your evolving needs.
  • Customer-Centric Support: Your information empowers us to deliver effective responses to your customer service requests. We assist and support your need, enhancing your overall satisfaction with our services.
  • Informative Updates via Email: Your email address is utilized to send periodic updates, keeping you informed about your orders and sharing details about other pertinent products and services. Stay connected with the latest developments tailored to your preferences.
  • Post-Interaction Follow-Up: Following any interaction, be it through live chat, email, or phone inquiries, we may reach out to ensure your needs have been met and to gather valuable feedback. Your input helps us continually refine and improve our services.
The following outlines the principles we follow to ensure the responsible handling of your information.
Data Minimization
We avoid unnecessary or excessive data collection to protect your privacy.
Purpose Limitation
Your personal data is collected and processed only for specific, clearly defined purposes. We do not use your data for any purposes unrelated to the services we provide.
Before collecting or processing your personal data, we obtain your explicit and informed consent. We clearly communicate the purposes and any potential sharing of your data with third parties.
Data Accuracy
Our goal is to maintain the accuracy, completeness, and currency of the personal data we possess. You are entitled to rectify or update your information.
Security Measures
Your personal data is secured using industry-standard measures to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction. We employ encryption, access controls, and conduct regular security audits.
Data Retention
We retain your personal data only for the necessary duration as per our data retention policies. When data is no longer needed for the intended purpose, it is deleted or anonymized.
We are transparent about how we collect, process, and use your personal data. Our privacy practices are clearly explained in this policy, and we encourage you to reach out if you have any questions.
We have designated responsibilities for data protection within our organization. Policies and procedures are in place to ensure compliance with privacy laws.
User Rights
You have the right to access, correct, delete, or restrict the processing of your personal data. We respect and facilitate the exercise of these rights.
Data Transfer
When transferring your personal data across borders, we ensure compliance with international data transfer regulations. We put in place protective measures, including the implementation of Standard Contractual Clauses.
Incident Response
We have an incident response plan to address data breaches promptly. If a breach occurs, affected individuals and authorities will be notified as required by applicable laws.
Data Protection by Design and Default
We integrate data protection considerations into the design and development of our systems and processes, implementing privacy-enhancing features by default.
Training and Awareness
Our employees receive regular training on data protection policies and practices. We foster a culture of awareness and responsibility regarding your personal data.
Regular Audits and Assessments
We conduct regular privacy audits and assessments to ensure ongoing compliance with data protection regulations. Identifying and addressing vulnerabilities or non-compliance issues is a priority.
Data Security and Storage
We prioritize the security of your data. Keyush employs industry-standard security measures to protect against unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, and destruction of your personal information. Data is stored in secure environments, and we regularly update our security protocols.
Sharing of Information
Keyush may share your information with third parties only as necessary to provide our services. We ensure that these third parties adhere to data protection standards and confidentiality agreements.
Your Rights
You hold the privilege to view, amend, and remove your personal information. If you have any inquiries or requests regarding your data, please contact
Cookies and Tracking Technologies
We may use cookies and similar technologies to enhance your experience in consequent visits with Keyush by understanding your preferences and interactions made. We might also utilize reliable third-party services to monitor this information on our behalf. You have the ability to control your cookie preferences by adjusting settings in your browser.
Updates to the Privacy Policy
We might occasionally revise this privacy policy to incorporate any changes in our procedures. We will notify you of any significant changes, and the updated policy will be effective immediately upon posting.
CAN-SPAM Act Compliance
About: The CAN-SPAM Act is a U.S. law that sets the rules for commercial email, establishing requirements for businesses sending promotional emails. Enacted in 2003, its primary purpose is to protect consumers from deceptive and unsolicited email practices. Key provisions include the requirement for accurate email headers and subject lines, the inclusion of a clear and easy opt-out mechanism, prompt processing of unsubscribe requests, and penalties for non-compliance. The law aims to give recipients the right to control the emails they receive while promoting transparency and accountability among email marketers.
In compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act, we adhere to the following practices:
  • Clear Identification: Emails sent to you will be clearly identified as originating from Keyush.
  • Unsubscribe Option: Each marketing email will provide a clear and conspicuous option to unsubscribe from future communications.
  • Prompt Processing of Unsubscribes: Unsubscribe requests will be promptly processed, and you will be removed from our marketing communications.
  • Accurate Sender Information: Our emails will accurately reflect the sender’s identity and provide a valid physical postal address.
  • Consistent Monitoring: We consistently monitor our email communications to ensure compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act and promptly address any concerns.
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