Initiate a journey of transformation for your enterprise today to ensure continued benefits from SAP. Embark with Keyush’s Migration Path Planning on your business’s transformative phase to SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Public Edition assisting in crafting your business case, roadmap, and future maintenance strategy.

Capture the opportunity before your business lags; the present is the ideal moment to streamline processes, improve organizational transparency, and cultivate an atmosphere of innovation.

Explore RISE with SAP – Your Gateway to an Intelligent Enterprise.

RISE with SAP enables an extensive transformation using a streamlined engagement approach, empowering your enterprise to transition into a smart and sophisticated organization.

By embracing avant-garde business models, RISE empowers you to innovate, fostering the creation of fresh revenue streams that set your business apart. The solution’s focus on optimizing efficiency ensures that your crucial processes are not just streamlined but elevated to their maximum potential.

Furthermore, RISE brings about a revolutionary change by transforming and fortifying mission-critical processes, effectively mitigating business risks. By choosing RISE, you are not only innovating and optimizing but also revolutionizing your core operational strategies, positioning your enterprise for sustainable growth and success in the ever-evolving business landscape.

Comprehensive Features
and Advantages
  • Tailored Cloud ERP: Experience customized cloud ERP solutions designed to meet a spectrum of business needs.
  • Flexible Industry Practices: Leverage adaptable industry practices and extensibility for seamless customization.
  • Integrated Business Platform: Unify your operations with a comprehensive business platform seamlessly integrated with robust analytics.
  • Intelligent Business Process Optimization: Harness the power of intelligence to optimize and elevate core business processes.
  • Collaborative Outcome-Driven Services: Engage in collaborative services from SAP and our partners, with a shared focus on achieving tangible and transformative outcomes.
  • Boost efficiency through intelligent automation strategically applied across mission-critical processes, ensuring efficiency is amplified.
  • Unlock revenue potential by implementing distinctive, industry-specific business models with diverse revenue growth.
  • Seamlessly run mission-critical operations on a global scale with RISE by SAP, achieving global operational seamlessness.
  • Effectively manage sustainability concerns with companywide transparency and robust controls, achieving holistic sustainability management.
  • Prioritize optimization opportunities through instant analysis of processes, activities, and tasks with instant process analysis.
  • Discover the innovative steps we take to ensure a smooth and efficient migration from any of your existing SAP ERP – ECC and Business By Design to unlock the full potential of SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Public Edition cutting-edge platform.
A Detailed Exploration of SAP ECC and SAP Business By Design to S/4HANA Transformation
  • Understanding Differences: Recognize key disparities between existing SAP ERP and S/4HANA Cloud, Public Edition such as database, data model, user interface, and deployment options.
  • System Conversion: Choose System Conversion for a rapid transition, preserving existing configurations, customizations, and historical data.
  • Conversion Teams: Assemble collaborative team involving Technology, Functional, Security, ABAP, and Fiori teams.
  • Data Cleansing: Perform data cleansing, including master and transactional data, to reduce the database size for a smooth conversion.
  • Readiness Check Report: Execute the Readiness Check Report to analyze Active Business Functions, Add-On Compatibility, and Simplification Items.
  • Pre-Conversion Activities: Conduct detailed assessments, fit-gap analysis, and resolution of Simplification Items.
  • Software Upgrade: The basis team executes a software upgrade manager, a multi-purpose tool supporting various processes like release upgrade, add-on installation, and more.
  • Post-Conversion Activities: Undertake manual data migration, custom code adaptations, and WRICEF implementations based on customer requirements.
  • Testing Phases: Sequential testing in Sandbox, Development, and Quality environments, including System Integration Testing (SIT) and User Acceptance Testing (UAT).
  • Cutover Plan: Develop a cutover plan with a timeline for actions in the dry run and production system to ensure a smooth transition to SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Public Edition.
Why S/4HANA Cloud, Public Edition?
  • Leading-edge Technology: Upgrade to the latest in SAP technology, benefiting from advanced features and improved performance.
  • Enhanced Flexibility: Experience unparalleled adaptability to changing business landscapes with the cloud’s dynamic capabilities.
  • Streamlined Processes: Optimize your business operations with S/4HANA’s Cloud, Public Edition streamlined and efficient processes, tailored to your unique needs.
Your Benefits
  • Cost Savings: Capitalize on the cost-effectiveness of a cloud-based solution, reducing infrastructure expenses.
  • Innovation and Upgrades: Stay ahead with regular updates and innovations from SAP, ensuring your business remains at the forefront.
  • Scalability: Easily scale your operations up or down based on business demands.
  • Enhanced Security: Leverage the robust security features of S/4HANA Cloud for data protection.
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