SAP Business ByDesign COST: Arm & a Leg? Seriously?

Business ByDesign is a cloud ERP by SAP especially for small & medium enterprises. Myth is SAP is only for large enterprises, which is not the case. In fact, 80% of SAP’s total customers are either a small or medium scale enterprise. If you are looking to learn more about what’s the SAP Business ByDesign cost, then you’re at right place. We certainly understand that any organization planning to procure any ERP software or any other product, pricing plays an important role.

Factors that affect pricing    

There are several factors that decides the overall pricing of SAP Business ByDesign software. To name a few factors such as number of users, base fee. SAP Business ByDesign comes with a base fee of $1775.00 per month. On top of the base fee, SAP offers three options which gives you the flexibility in terms of pricing.

Three pricing options are:

  • Self-Serve
  • Core
  • Advanced.

Below table can give you an estimate how much SAP ByD will cost you per user.


Once you are ready with the software quote the next step is to determine whether you have selected a right SAP Partner who can help you to get these licenses. Easy way to find is the SAP Partner Finder, an easy tool to find SAP Partner’s in your region. After selecting the right vendor, its crucial to understand the expected cost to implement the software for you organisation.

Curious to learn to more of the implementation cost? Check out our next blog in which we will cover all the costs that needs to be considered prior to SAP Business ByDesign implementation.

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