Client Background
A prominent international manufacturing company specializing in building materials, operating on a global scaleon 4 continents with more than 8 decades of historyhaving a presence in134 locations inNorth America, one of them being Toronto.
Problem / Challenges
The absence of a vital integrated module-Learning Management System (LMS) for their employees in their North American region and their disparate sources for learning and training materials surfaced significant challenges for the manufacturing giant.
Business Needs
The gap between resources prompted the need for a seamless comprehensive solution as the primary business requirement, implementing the LMS module specifically tailored for North America while aligning with the company’s global learning strategies.
Keyush Intervention
Solution – Key Strategies Implemented in 3 Phases
Some departments utilized third-party tools for learning which hurt their efficiency, and Keyush initiated the LMS implementation for the salaried employees, where all the data can be fetched directly at one place. Lessons learned from this phase made us develop a robust change management strategy which ensured higher executives adopt this new module.
In the second phase, the focus shifted to salaried employees who were utilizing third-party tools for learning. Keyush facilitated the seamless transfer of historical learning and training data from these tools into the LMS system. This phase aimed to consolidate learning materials, ensuring a unified and comprehensive approach to employee training.
The final phase encompassed SuccessFactors to accommodate non-salaried employees, where Keyush played a pivotal role with a dedicated change manager, to provide a smooth transition. The team managed role-based permissions while integrating the LMS with PMGM (Performance and goals Management) without impacting new employee metrics.

Empowering Continuous Growth:
Keyush’s SAP SuccessFactors LMS module not only filled the existing gaps but also enhanced the overall learning experience for employees’ continuous learning, individual growth, and seamless compliance.

Unified Learning Experience:
Seamlessly integrating historical data and master data, Keyush’s strategic approach created a cohesive learning experience, synergizing the North American locations with global objectives.

Efficiency Redefined, Success Amplified:
Through strategic change management and a phased approach, Keyush redefined efficiency, bridging gaps, and positioning the organization for amplified success in a competitive landscape.

Key Takeaways

Securing early approval and support from executive-level business partners.

Recognizing the significance of effective change management, particularly during the transition of multiple third-party solutions to a new platform unfamiliar to end users.

Nurturing synergy and mutual understanding between clients and Keyush to tailor expectations and establish realistic timelines.

These measures ensure the timely attainment of goals, making progress apparent to all team members.