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SuccessFactors Employee Central and Payroll are two powerful cloud-based solutions that work together to streamline and automate HR processes. Employee Central is an HR information system that serves as a single source of truth for all employee data, while Payroll is a solution that automates payroll processing and calculation.

Employee Central:

SuccessFactors Employee Central provides a robust platform for managing employee data, including personal information, employment history, compensation, benefits, and more. The solution allows for centralized management of employee data, reducing data redundancy, increasing data accuracy, and providing easy access to data for HR managers.

The Employee Central solution also provides self-service capabilities for employees, allowing them to access their personal information, update their information, request time off, and view their benefits information.

One of the most significant benefits of Employee Central is its scalability. The solution is designed to support the needs of small businesses as well as large enterprises, making it an ideal solution for companies that are looking to grow.


SuccessFactors Payroll is an end-to-end solution that automates payroll processing and calculation. The solution streamlines the entire payroll process, from calculating gross pay to withholding taxes and distributing payments.

Payroll integrates with Employee Central, ensuring that all employee data is up-to-date and accurate. The solution also supports multiple payroll processes, including complex payroll calculations, such as overtime, commissions, and bonuses.

Another essential feature of Payroll is its compliance capabilities. The solution helps companies comply with payroll regulations and tax laws, reducing the risk of penalties and fines.


When integrated, Employee Central and Payroll provide a comprehensive HR solution that streamlines HR processes, reduces errors, and improves data accuracy. The integration also ensures that employee data is consistent across all systems, reducing the risk of data errors and inconsistencies.


The integration of Employee Central and Payroll also provides a seamless user experience for employees. Employees can access all their HR information from one central location, improving employee engagement and reducing HR workload.


SuccessFactors Employee Central and Payroll are powerful cloud-based solutions that provide end-to-end HR support for companies of all sizes. The solutions provide a comprehensive HR platform that streamlines HR processes, reduces errors, and improves data accuracy. By integrating Employee Central and Payroll, companies can improve their HR efficiency, reduce costs, and provide a better user experience for their employees.

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